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The suggestion of simplicity.

The rooms of the Giovì Relais, divided into Superior and Deluxe, will allow you to feel the suggestion of a bygone age, the charm of days punctuated by the rhythm of the small daily gestures. Simple but refined spaces where the white recalls the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea and is the setting for antique furniture, combined with modern design solutions.
To recover in a workmanlike manner the beautiful building dating back to the 17th century which today houses Giovì Relais, we referred to the ancient building techniques. To enhance the environment and give a new identity to the spaces, we preferred the typical materials of our territory. The walls and vaults, made with natural plaster and tuff, are decorated with wall lights made of local stone, carefully shaped by local artisans. In one of the rooms the tuff is also used as ideal material for an original bed. The floors are covered with the typical local stone. The protagonist of the bathroom, however, is the cocciopesto. Used for coating and basins, this material, known since ancient Rome, is presented in different shades of red clay and is usually coupled with ceramics, glass and steel. Finally, the wood, carefully restored to give a new light to valuable antiques, such as cabinets, beds, wardrobes, cupboards, writing desks and bureaus.