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Dazzled by intense emotions of light.

From the stormy sea, which reflects a leaden sky, to the deep blue mottled by the white waves - If sea is your passion, you will live all its nuances.
Lie down in the sunshine on beautiful beaches and coves, and then savour the pleasure of a dip in the emerald waters. Or go on a trip by boat to discover the fascinating caves of the coast. Few kilometres of coastline to be fully enjoyed, to be sipped slowly, going from cove to cove, from a little place to another one. You can also try your hand at scuba diving adventures and admire the many inhabitants of this wonderful submerged world.
Your holiday is not only about sea, but also interesting tours to experience the various facets of a diverse and fascinating region, where light reigns and gives intense emotions.
Light makes the leaves of olive trees sparkling and shines on the rooftops in the shape of a cone of the magical Trulli of Alberobello. And it is still light dazzling the very white Romanesque cathedrals and the buildings in the historical centres of the Valle d’Itria. It spreads shyly in a crack at the entrance of the Caves of Castellana and then explodes in all its intensity on the rough and rugged walls of the “gravine”, deep natural bays of the Karst Murgia. Many paths, many routes to be dazzled by the light of emotions.