a Mare

A picturesque and charming city, known and appreciated all over the world, which gave birth to celebrities such as Domenico Modugno and Pino Pascali. Polignano a Mare climbs on a cliff overlooking the sea and stands proud, still surrounded by ancient walls. The historical centre, filled with charming narrow streets, is characterised by the beautiful balconies that open to the reef and also by the simple and Mediterranean architecture, which is composed of external staircases, pretty votive niches and is also embellished with colourful flowers accompanying the icons of Saints.
The coast, populated by numerous caves and caverns, almost all of which can be visited from the sea, offers natural wonders such as the Grotta Azzurra in the Grottone Area. For four consecutive years, the city received the prestigious awards of Blue Flag and 4 Sails from Legambiente (the famous Italian environmentalist association), which guarantee not only the quality of seawater but also the services and the environment.
About 3 km from the town centre, the Abbey of San Vito is located.


At 60 km from Polignano a Mare, Matera, one of the oldest cities in the world, is located. Matera was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO and was also declared Italian host of European Capital of Culture for 2019. The territory of Matera preserves evidence of continually inhabited settlements from the Paleolithic period up to now.


Light spreads over the dry and thirsty soil of the Itria Valley. The foliage of the olive trees shines with intense and rare colours. The mild sun of Puglia shines on the conical roofs of the Trulli in Alberobello, making this small town famous throughout the world.
But the Itria Valley does not stop at Alberobello. You should visit the nearby Locorotondo and Cisternino with their very white Romanesque cathedrals and the houses of the historical centres.

Castellana Grotte

At 20 km from Polignano a Mare there is the famous Caves of Castellana, a primordial place, a labyrinth of subterranean cavities surprising for its vastness, charm and accessibility. Do not let be yourself deceived by the discrete entrance as the Caves of Castellana explode in all their intensity under the ground on the rugged walls of ravines and deep natural inlets of the Murgia karst plateau. During your trip in the caves you will walk on paths lit by unique and beautiful lights.


Just 39 km from Polignano a Mare, there is the great medieval town, Ostuni, which is famous for its iridescent white lime houses. It is also called the White City, a popular destination for those who like to get lost in the alleys of the historical centre to discover hidden treasures: baroque palaces, antique shops, flowery paths and labyrinthine steps. Ostuni also offers excellent culinary experience and numerous bars for those who love social life.

The Pollino
National Park

The Pollino National Park is the largest protected area in Italy and extends between the territories of Basilicata and Calabria on an area of 192.565 hectares. With its large unspoilt areas that vary at different altitudes, the park is able to offer travellers multiple environments.